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  • 7 Best Brunch Spots in Melbourne

    Your weekend is precious, and if there’s one reason to get out of bed in the morning, it’s brunch. Melbourne, with its laidback vibe and strong café culture is pretty much built for brunch. Your Saturday and Saturday mornings are made better with some sort […] More

  • 10 Favourite Malaysian Food You Can Find in Genting Highlands

    One should never have to worry whenever hunger pangs strike at Genting Highlands — Malaysia’s iconic hill station destination — as there’s plenty to eat at the SkyAvenue lifestyle mall. From bubble tea to vibe dining, there’s something for everyone. If it’s local Malaysian flavours […] More

  • 10 Things NOT to Do in Bali

    The Balinese are used to tourists and it takes a lot to offend them. While locals are held to certain expectations when it comes to customs and rituals, they are very forgiving when it comes to foreigners. This doesn’t mean that you should abuse their […] More

  • 10 Asian Cities That Changed Their Names And What They Mean

    “Istanbul was Constantinople,Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople,Been a long time gone, Oh Constantinople,Now it’s Turkish delight on a moonlit night” Just like what the song Istanbul (Not Constantinople) from They Might Be Giants infers, cities change their names for a number of reasons, even New […] More

  • Top 10 Affordable Shopping Spots Around Southeast Asia

    There are many reasons why Southeast Asia is a well-worn path for travellers, from amazing monuments to pristine beaches. But let’s be honest, most people come because the region is affordable (read: supercheap). Even if you’re not a shopaholic, you will find yourself making an […] More

  • How Well Do You Know ASEAN? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

    Some of the perks of living in Southeast Asia: The weather is sunny all year long, everything from dreamy islands to majestic temples are just one flight away, and the food are just amazing. We really have it good here! But aside from weekend getaways […] More

  • Tired of Visiting Malls? Here Are 7 Activities You Can Do Instead

    You’re feeling that travel itch and a long weekend is just on the horizon, but the thought of going through all the hassle (forking out cash, packing, driving, braving traffic jams, queuing, going through security) puts you off. You simply can’t be bothered, especially if […] More

  • Always Late for Your Flights? Here Are 5 Hacks for Smoother Trips

    We don’t know about you, but the one thing that always dampens our wanderlust is the thought of going through the airport security. It makes little difference even if it is one of the world’s best airports, going through security is still going to be […] More

  • The Latest UNESCO World Heritage Site Is an Eel Trap Site – Why?

    Australia’s Budj Bim Cultural Landscape, known for its indigenous eel trap site, has formally been recognised on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We can practically hear you lot asking “Why? What’s so special about a place where you catch eels? Even my grandparents have a […] More

  • 10 Best Halal and Muslim-Friendly Restaurants in Taipei, Taiwan

    With vibrant cities and beautiful nature, Taiwan has a lot to offer. But among Asian tourists, Taiwan is especially popular for its food. However, Muslim visitors maybe worried about where to find halal food, seeing that Taiwan is not exactly known for its major Muslim […] More

  • Explore the Diverse Flavours of Asia with These Curated Cooking Classes

    Going sightseeing and picking up some pretty souvenirs along the way are fine but modern travellers want to take away something more from their trip. Whether it’s getting down and dirty in the wild, getting exclusive access to some of the world’s rarest monuments, or […] More

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