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8 Bizarre Durian-Fused Food and Drinks in Malaysia – And Why We Love Them!

While half the world doesn’t get it, nothing makes us more Malaysian than our love for the king of fruits, durians.

Some Malaysians would argue they don’t exactly share the same love for this pungent, succulent and now expensive fruit, but they too would have been pressured to enjoy a bite or two especially when cornered by a pile of durians during gatherings be it with family or friends.

The durian craze has not only united us, it has evolved into a multi-million-ringgit industry that more and more orchards are cropping up not only to cater to local demands, but also to export to other Asian countries, especially China.

While orang putih keep producing viral videos of them cringing and spitting out (again, expensive) durians that are wrongly cut, unripe or even too old (heck, we still love our tempoyak), here, durian is so celebrated that businesses big and small are creating these crazy durian-fused food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

Let’s look at some of these creations:

1. Durian Cheesecake

Oh, don’t we love our cheese? Westerners may throw cheese on bread and biscuit, but we had to take it to the next level. Pisang goreng cheese, keropok lekor cheese, ayam goreng cheese, siput sedut (mud creeper) topped with melted cheese, murtabak cheese, apam balik cheese…the list goes on! So it was only natural for some creative bakers to start introducing durian cheesecake! The taste is not hard to imagine because it’s essentially adding durian to cheesecake (although many may cringe at the very idea!). However, if you like cheesecake and durian, this is the perfect dessert for you! Just search ‘durian cheesecake restaurants’ online and you’ll find plenty of spots in the Klang Valley.

2. Durian Cocktail

Bored with the same old conversation during your drinking sessions? This will definitely spark a whole new conversation. A bar in Damansara Kim, The Locker & Loft, specialises in truly Malaysian cocktails concocting drinks using local ingredients like coconut, bacon bakwa and you guessed it, durian. A glassful of The King gives you fresh XO durian-infused vodka mixed with Bailey’s, hazelnut liqueur, almond syrup, vanilla ice-cream and cinnamon powder. You bet it’s yummy!

3. Milo Kaw + Cheese + Durian

Well, this may be an acquired taste, but it’s here nonetheless! A restaurant in Desa Pandan, Kuala Lumpur called Cheese Banjir (banjir means flood in Malay) came up with this recipe of mixing a thick serving of Milo, cheese and durian in a glass. You will either love it or loathe it. Either way, go give it a try. You can also order the coffee and tea version of the same concoction. YOLO, right? Why not.

4. Durian Mooncake

Come mid-autumn festival, you will find yourself munching mooncakes non-stop be it at the office or at home. Again, businesses big and small be it family bakeries or five-star hotels have embraced durian to their mooncake offerings. Musang King and D24 are the star ingredients for the mooncakes and some even add custard for that ice-cream potong flavour nostalgia. Just like the durian cheesecake, a simple search online and you’ll find plenty of quality durian mooncakes sold around the Klang Valley.

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5. Durian Chocolate Cake

They say chocolate makes you happy, add durian into the mix and you’ll be on freaking cloud nine! Bijan Bar and Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, a fine dining restaurant that highlights Malay cuisine, is where you’ll find this delightful dessert.. Although it doubles as a bar, everything on the menu is halal and of course they serve non-alcoholic drinks as well. As for the cake, imagine that creamy durian flesh sandwiched between moist chocolate cakes and covered in chocolate ganache. Drools*

6. Durian Cheese Pizza

Chain restaurants in Malaysia usually add more spice to their dishes to give it a local flavour. At Pizza Hut Malaysia, things work differently. They decided to turn this Italian dish we love so much into a durian-baked platter. Their ads told viewers to ‘make your tastebuds question themselves’. While the skeptics dubbed this dish as a food crime, those who have tried it highly recommended trying this dish, saying it’s like eating sweet bread dipped in creamy dessert known as serawa durian. You read it right…durian cheese pizza. Go give it a taste!

7. Durian Biscuits

Heong Peng or Heong Peah in Hokkien is a flaky, fragrant biscuit filled with oh-so-tasty fillings like chicken floss, red beans and more. Explore the streets of Ipoh and you’ll find plenty of these unique flavours and even the fancy Musang King durian fillings! The original biscuit’s addictive enough, imagine the durian ones!

8. Durian Cendol

They say opposites attract, and that’s the case with this cendol durian dish. Paring hearty durian pods with our all-time favourite sweet, icy dessert cendol creates this perfect harmony in a bowl. Depending on the durian type, prices can vary and there have been several reports where customers have had to pay hundreds of ringgit for a bowl Musang King cendol. So do check your wallet’s health before ordering one. Plenty of stalls and restaurants around the country serve this dish especially during durian season. A simple google search will tell you the best place to get your durian cendol fix.

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Honourable Mention

Make-Up Collection and Perfume

Now this is not exactly food, but it’s so bizarre it needs to be on this list. Local beauty brand Elianto came up with the world’s first limited edition durian make-up collection comprising lip care, lip colour, eyeshadow and highlighter. They didn’t stop there, the brand also launched a unisex durian perfume called Durio Bloom claimed to have a lasting scent of up to five hours.

If you know more durian-fused creations we may have missed, let us know!

Long live the durian!

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Written by Asyraf Naqiuddin

Asyraf believes there’s a story anywhere you turn that could inspire readers around the world. With a penchant for high-powered motorcycles, he hopes to one day get back in the saddle and cover the globe on two wheels.

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