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  • Artful Eats and Shareworthy Treats in Singapore

    Take an inspiring social-friendly food trip in Singapore. Nowadays, food is not just meant to be shared around the table but also shared on social media, where it can be consumed with the eyes and live on as a memory. Take a bite at three […] More

  • 5 Tasty Treats at Macao Gourmet Walk

    The phrase “on a diet” has no meaning here, so perish that thought and allow yourself to savour the very best! 1. Cotai Egg Tart Flaky crust with a caramelized golden topping is the definition of Macao’s egg tarts. Follow your nose to these tantalizing […] More

  • The Simple Joys of Tea Amidst the Pines

    In the cool highlands of Tanarimba in Janda Baik, Purple Cane Tea Restaurant’s lush surrounds complement satisfyingly healthy food and relaxed conversations with good company. The 45-minute drive to the restaurant is a pleasant one where most of the traffic are riders on big motorbikes […] More

  • 跟着吃货游山打根

    1. 最惊喜:炸肉大粉 这一道是当地人极力推荐的美食,所以小编特地起了个大早去到山打根的中央巴刹(菜市场)亲自品尝。因为地域差异的关系,这道炸肉大粉和想象中的不太一样。大粉其实就是我们说的河粉、粿条,而炸肉更像是我们熟悉的叉烧。面端上来时,碗里就装了大粉、汤汁、炸肉和葱花四样东西,一目了然。外表看似平凡,可是吃进嘴里的却是满满的惊喜。汤汁的味道较浓,但不会腻,很适合当早餐。嫩滑的大粉在嘴里游动的同时,再咬上一口肥瘦相间的肉,这就是最原汁原味的炸肉大粉。 价格:RM4/碗 地址:山打根中央巴刹3楼 Sandakan central market 2. 最名不虚传:弹弓面 说到山打根的美食,不得不提到弹弓面。弹弓面在山打根很多地方都可以吃到,而小编就选择了位于SimSim海上屋第八桥的森森海鲜食店(Sim Sim Seafood Restaurant)。按照当地人的吃法,小编点了一份干捞弹弓面,再配上一碗清甜的海鲜汤,里头都是店家自制的海鲜饺和鱼丸等新鲜食材。看上去和平时吃的干捞面没两样,可是相比之下,那种干捞面就弱爆了。先说配料,海鲜饺里面包的是鱼肉和鲜虾,每咬一口都是来自海洋的味道,让人停不了口。再说,弹弓面的面条Q弹爽口、嚼劲十足,把它叫做弹弓面一点都不为过。 价格:海鲜弹弓面 大约RM 7 海鲜饺 RM4 地址:森森海鮮食店 Sim-Sim Seafood Restaurant Jalan Buli Sim Sim, Ranuh Murah Jabatan H90, Sandakan 3. 最暖心(胃):海鲜肉骨茶 海鲜肉骨茶是小编在还没到山打根之前就一直耳有所闻的一道菜。既然来了,好奇的小编就去看看传说中的海鲜肉骨茶到底是怎样的。第一印象就是汤有很浓的胡椒味,随之而来还有药材味。喝下肚,感觉一阵热乎乎的,但不像辣椒那样灼胃。一种汤头百样菜,这里的肉骨茶可以选择加入鲜鱼、鲜虾、白菜、肉丸、猪肉等食材。后来发现,用不同食材煮出来的肉骨茶味道是截然不同的,用鲜虾熬煮的汤里喝出了海鲜的鲜甜,用白菜熬煮的则是满满的菜甜味。这一点和西马的肉骨茶确实不同,特别爱吃胡椒的小编瞬间被它俘虏了。推荐! 价格:鲜鱼 RM15 鲜虾 RM10 猪肉 RM9 蔬菜(大)RM8(小)RM5 地址:南财肉骨茶 Nam Chai […] More

  • Marrying Mooncakes with Tea!

    Major bakeries and hotel chains offer both traditional and inventive variants, but Purple Cane takes it a step further by bringing their passion for tea into their series of tea mooncakes. If you’re a tea lover, chances are you’ve heard of Purple Cane, a tea […] More

  • Top Foods to Eat in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    However, when you look beyond the national dishes, you’ll find delectable and much-loved specialties from the provinces. The northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai may be the country’s cultural capital, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the food. Here is a list […] More

  • Weekly 5: Cheap Eats at Pier 21, Bangkok

    Decent meals are inexpensive in Thailand, so you can try more without spending much. Here are five picks under THB50 from Pier 21, Terminal 21’s San Francisco-themed food court. 1. Rice Noodle with Mixed Pork in Thicken Soup, THB45 2. Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango, […] More

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