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  • A Place to Lift your Spirits: Taps Beer Bar

    Kuala Lumpur has one of Asia’s most exciting, burgeoning bar scenes. The 2017 KL Bar Awards celebrates the capital city’s cocktail creativity and bar luminaries with a host of honours. TAPS BEER BARBest Beer Bar “My cousins and I used to go out drinking a […] More

  • A Place to Lift Your Spirits: Omakase + Appreciate

    Kuala Lumpur has one of Asia’s most exciting, burgeoning bar scenes. The 2017 KL Bar Awards celebrates the capital city’s cocktail creativity and bar luminaries with a host of honours. OMAKASE + APPRECIATEMost Creative Cocktail Program Tucked in the basement of the Ming Annexe building […] More

  • Changing the future of food

    By 2050, the world population is expected to grow to 9.7 billion people. Over the decades, environmentalists, scientists and scholars have voiced concerns that revolve around the same lines: How do we feed an increasing population if land is becoming scarce, our oceans are at […] More

  • Pilot’s Perspective: Keeping Engines Roaring

    Even planes need some TLC. Captain Lim Khoy Hing explains the strict care required to keep aircraft airworthy. I remember a British TV station once broadcasting footage showing how AirAsia X’s Airbus A340 executed an efficient turnaround and departed safely within 90 minutes of landing […] More

  • Pilot’s Perspective: Built to Last

    Captain Lim Khoy Hing talks about the stringent tests imposed on the modern aircraft before it is declared fit to fly. With rapid technological advancements, commercial jet planes are continuously being improved to fly safer and better. Today, the hardware testing on a plane is […] More

  • Pilot’s Perspective: Going with the Flow

    This month, Captain Lim Khoy Hing discusses turbulence and ways passengers can overcome it. The fact is: turbulence is an unavoidable part of flying, and is not a concern when passengers have their seat belts securely fastened. Turbulence is usually caused by unstable air in […] More

  • Pilot’s Perspective: Same but Different

    Captain Lim Khoy Hing delves into the simple (and complex) truths about piloting different types of aircraft. Can an Airbus pilot also fly a Boeing plane (or vice versa)? The simple answer is, “No”; at least not without appropriate training on the different engine systems […] More

  • In Full Swing

    I’d said my prayers and signed my life away on a waiver. My poker-faced guide Melchor led me along a steel platform jutting over the edge of a cliff, like a mutineer walking the plank on a pirate ship. I could see the sheer drop […] More

  • South Korea: Mask Unmasked

    Words & Photography: Ronan O’Connell The transformation is startling. Even amid the prettiest of backdrops – a landscaped garden painted with a palette of warm autumnal colours – the petite young woman suddenly looks fearsome. Hyojin Lee is hidden behind the blood-red skin, bulging white […] More

  • Mermaids of Ise

    Faint whistles drift over the dark waters, blending into the crashing of the waves, giving an almost eerie feel to my surroundings. The sound brings to mind the climactic scenes of the blockbuster Titanic, when Kate Winslet sounds her whistle with barely any breath left, […] More

  • Pilot’s Perspective: Passage To Hawaii

    As AirAsia X commences flights to Hawaii in June, I feel this milestone warrants a deviation from my usual stories revolving around the technical know-how of flying, and a closer look at some of the preparations involved in launching this exotic destination. In February, AirAsia […] More

  • Luang Prabang: Timeless Treasures

    As the plane descended into the highlands of northern Laos, I gazed out the window at the sea of clouds below. Not a soul or structure was in sight, only tree-covered hills peeking out of the vast white mantle, welcoming me back to this landlocked […] More

  • Pilot’s Perspective: A Meticulous Plan

    As a pilot, I’m often asked, “How do pilots plan flight routes?” My answer is always “Meticulously.” There are numerous factors to consider when planning a flight route, and all safety requirements must be met in order for a route to be approved. And rest […] More

  • Pilot’s Perspective: The Art of Flying

    Since time immemorial, humans have been intrigued with flying, and nothing idealises this better than the famous Greek myth about Icarus, who flew too close to the sun. Icarus and his father were imprisoned on the island of Crete by the Minotaur, a creature half-man […] More

  • Pilot’s Perspective: On Top of the World

    AirAsia X is currently training aircrew for charter flights (commencing in December) to Xining Airport, an airfield in China situated at 7,165ft (2,184m) above sea level. The highest altitude airport that the airline presently flies to is located in Kathmandu in Nepal, and it’s only […] More

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